Written by on February 3, 2018

Guys, Guys, Guys.
We’ve found it.
The perfect denim dress.
Lazy day but still want to look fashionable? This dress.
Hot and ready to rule the world? This dress.
Girl next door look? This dress.

We were invited to come in and check out ONLY, and we were not disappointed.
While looking through the racks we picked out some shorts, a playsuit, a couple of t-shirts and then we see… this dress.
I have got to admit, the look of it on the hanger wasn’t completely selling it to me, but I’m a sucker for denim so with a little encouragement from Sarah (part 2 of Sydney Sisters) and our gorgeous friend Labrina, I picked it up anyway!
Well a few hours later we were passing by a really photogenic spot, so naturally we got changed in the car, took out our camera and took some photos in our new additions to the wardrobe.
Thats when I knew.
This was the dress I was born to live in.
I didn’t have a belt with me or cool shoes, so I went for a relaxed look, but boy oh boy I could not wait to go home and pair it with my favourite belt and heels.
Finally got home, chucked on some heels and a belt and head on out for dinner and I was STILL feeling this dress.
Honestly, pretty sure this dress can be styled to suit any situation.
It is now my favourite dress in my wardrobe.
I constantly stalk ONLY for new arrivals.
Ok, I’m done. Check it out!

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P.S – Sarahs shorts are also ONLY, the top is from Dannii Minogues Petite range in Target.
The Dress: https://www.theiconic.com.au/sonia-3-4-sleeve-denim-dress-573350.html
ONLY can be purchased through The Iconic and Myer.

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