Killer……..or not?

Written by on February 3, 2018

Is this palette really worth it?

One of the most anticipated eyeshadow palettes of 2016 was the Beauty Killer Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The palette has had mixed reviews and I wanted to let you know what’s what. So lets make our way through the palette.


When you first receive the palette it is in pink carboard box with all of the ingredients and information on the back and the name on the front. When you take the palette out of its original boxing it will be thinner than possibly expected, depending on your expectations of course.

Beauty Killer palette has 8 glorious shades:

Star Power: a buttery hot pink shade, perfect for layering, cut-creases and general bright looks.

Expensive: a shimmery teal colour, beautiful formula, amazing for placing on the eyelids wet or dry, placing under the eye or even as an eyeliner.

Princess: A light glitter shimmer pink shade, nearly the same as the Princess Cut highlighter. It has a soft formula and is able to be used dry for a bright highlight and wet for a more concentrated and pronounced highlight.

Confession: A smooth and shimmery bronze-purple shade, perfect for layering, cut creases and smokey eyes.

Violence: A purple shade with a shimmer through it. This shade is beautiful when used wet or dry, and is great to use as a layering shade or as a focal shade.

Vanity: A dark maroon brown colour. It has a matte finish and is very pigmented. Perfect for smokey eyes and defining the crease or blending on the lash line.

Rich Bitch: A metallic gold glitter shimmer eyeshadow. Extremely pigmented on a dense brush, even better when wet. Looks gorgeous layered over black eyeliner to create a dark gold eyeliner or even by itself. Can also be used as a focal point of the eye.

China White: A pale skin tone close to white. Perfect for a matte highlight shade or even a base shade. It is a very pigmented colour.

Courtney: A Medium warm skin tone shade. Great to use as a base colour for medium to dark skin tones and as a crease definer.

Black Rainbow: Is pretty self-explanatory. Black Rainbow is a Pigmented black eyeshadow with rainbow glitter mixed through. I found for the glitter to really show, you are better off using a wet dense brush and packing onto the eyelid or wherever it is desired. This shade can also be used on a fluffy or bullet brush to define the crease as well.

So, in conclusion all of the eyeshadows in this palette are very pigmented and are very easy to use. I feel like this palette is worth your money BUT in saying that, it is really about preference.

All in all I think it’s a great product and it is amazing to be able to do so many diverse looks with the one palette.

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